This is where I note my efforts as I try to recreate some old recipes. Most are taken from my small collection of handwritten recipe books which date from the late 1700's to around 1922. I also have a collection of old tatty old recipe books, well thumbed and heavily splashed from years of use. I love them all!

The old-fashioned very stylised handwriting writing is sometimes difficult to decipher, measurements and cooking instructions are minimal, no tin sizes given. Luckily I enjoy a challenge. Just to complicate things I cook and bake on my wood-fired Rayburn, which can be... unpredictable.

I suspect this blog is less about the food and more about my passion for these lovely old books and the wonderful women who wrote them.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Take 40 soup bones, 50 hens and...

I thought I would share this recipe with you - for those days when you feel really hungry.   It will make 300 gallons of soup, so you will need your largest pot!

As well as my collection of beautiful handwritten recipe books I also have some very scruffy, and extremely grubby, small ones.

The book I am referring to today, is the beige one, bottom left-hand corner.

It has been used and abused, suffered damp and mice nibbles; to be honest, I am surprised that it has made it this far.

One of the delights on offer is this soup.   You will need:

40 soup bones
50 hens
40 lbs bacon
40 lbs beans
30 lbs rice
15 gals onions
15 gals corn
15 gals tomatoes
15 gallons potatoes

That's it, no method, just follow your instincts as a cook.

As I type this, the heavens are raining hailstones, it is gloomy, cold and very wet.

A soup day, perhaps - but not this one.  Strictly vegetarian for me.x


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  2. I wonder who she was making it for? The whole British Army perhaps?

    1. Hello Cro, I hope that s/he had an army of helpers - what a brew.

      I read your blog every day, and enjoy it. I rarely comment because I find some of your followers can be very crushing in their counter comments. I'll continue to read and enjoy your blog - in silence, but I'll still be there.x

    2. The worst of my trolls have now gone, I think they were boring themselves with their own venom. I do like varied comments, and most of them are only poking fun.

    3. I'm sure you are right. Sometimes it just feels that the hockey-stick brigade are out there in force. I was always more of a tennis fan, much less painful on the ankles!